New Masjid Building Fund

New Masjid Building Fund

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  About Islamic Community Center of Lancaster

The Islamic Community Center of Lancaster (ICCL) was established in April 2013 not only to help with the growing needs of the area Muslim community, but also to serve the community at large with its various social programs.

We regularly organize and conducts events such as outreach programs, picnics, charitable events, educational programs etc.

We also In sha Allah (God Willing) conduct prayers, including regular prayers, Jumuah, Tarawih and Eid prayers. We will supplement all local established Muslim institutions and will help other future institutions as the community grows.

227 N Queen St
3rd Floor
Lancaster, PA 17603


  5 Salah Performed
  Jumu'ah Performed
  Wudu Facility Available

  Gender Separate


We at ICCL strongly believe that the progress and prosperity of a vibrant community is dependent on its ability to tap into its rich diversity. We hope by establishing ICCL that we may bring together the resources of the Muslim community in a structuredformat to help with the economic and cultural enhancement of Lancaster.