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Published: Fri, Mar 17, 2023 10:50 am

Du'a Maghfirah for Sr Sajida Begum

Assalam alaikum,


"My aunty Sajida Begum passed away on the 22nd of Shaban 1444 (March 14, 2023). May Allah have mercy on her and grant her JennatAlFirdows her Janazah was held at Masjid Abubakar Asiddiq Islamic Center following SalatulZuhr and the burial was at the Islamic Cemetery of Columbus, Columbus Ohio." Mukaram Syed


Please make Dua-e-Maghfirah for her. May Allah (SWT) accept her among Sa’layheen, shower His Blessings and Mercy on her, and grant her Jannatul-Firdouse. We ask Allah (SWT) to give her family the patience and strength to bear this great loss, Ameen, Ya-Rabul-A’lameen.


We remind ourselves, the surviving family members and friends of the Sunnah of the Prophet (AS) and reflect upon the words of condolence and prayer that he (AS) used on such occasions:


"Inna'lillahi-Wa'Inna Ilahi-rajioon -Inna-lillahi-ma-akhatha Walaho-ma-a-ta. Wakkollo-Shay'in indaho Bi ajalim-musamma - faltasbir Waltahtasib"


- To Allah we belong and to Him is our return. Due to Allah that which He has taken away and His is whatever He has given. With Him, everything has an appointed term; so let us have patience and seek reward from Him - Ameen!